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career-guidance-41ef9a3d3757f15cb8a83062a4513e04The most important part of the school life being the threshold to the other world beyond school, which is the time when they appear for their final board exams and then move with new founded wings towards an unknown future in search of a suitable career. Career counseling is almost a regular feature in all schools, where the school counselor on and off keeps the students updated with newer and apposite opportunities. But the difference that adds credit to our school is the support that we have from the board and our integrated approach towards counseling.

The CBSE with his new evaluation system has eased the stream lining of the student’s individual aptitude and career tendencies from a very early stage. It has facilitated a regular measure of change or growth in their overall performance levels. The various behavioral and socio-cultural involvements being the parameters of judgment assist the counselor, which includes all our teachers as well, to pin point the accurate space of development for the students. The CBSE board also conducts an aptitude test for students at the end of IXth standard before joining Class X.

Therefore at the final juncture when most of the institutes leave their children in an awkward state of choices for their careers we are in a very comfortable position with the systematized way of counseling the children from an early stage. Even the teachers and Principal participate in guiding the students to make the perfect choice. Apart from such regular assistance and guidance we have special sessions of Career guidance by professionals on regular basis to upgrade them about latest opportunities and ways that are trendy. Career counseling is a vital organ of our school functionary.